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PlaceStart NoEventCrewH'capFinal Time
12Mens Open VIIIAUBC 0:00:000:15:05
24Mens R2 VIIIASRA Wallace0:00:000:15:51
35Mens R2 VIIIABC Wright0:00:000:16:15
31Mens Open VIIIStABC ?0:00:000:16:15
510Mens Open 2XCSRC Murray0:00:000:16:46
6126Mens Open 2XCARC Phillips0:00:000:17:07
7128Mens Vet 2XSPRC Hewitt0:01:190:17:42
86Womens Nov VIIIASRA Brodie0:00:000:18:43
9125Mens R2 VIIIStABC0:00:000:18:50
1022Mens Vet 1XIRC Morton0:00:380:19:13
1119Womens Open 2-GWBC Moffat0:00:000:19:17
1215Mens J18 1XGRC Stevenson0:00:000:19:23
137Womens Nov VIIIRGUBC Dreghorn0:00:000:19:26
1436Womens Vet 2XGWBC/StABC Collier0:00:390:19:31
15127Mens Open 1XCARC MacMillan0:00:000:19:35
168Womens Nov VIIIABC MC Donald0:00:000:19:37
1739Womens R2 2-AUBC Beck0:00:000:19:48
1835Mens Nov 1XABC Thomson0:00:000:19:49
1925Womens Open 1XABC Haley0:00:000:19:51
2037Womens Vet 2XIRC Hunter0:00:390:19:53
2114Mens R2 1XABC Stalin0:00:000:19:56
2233Mens Nov 1XABC Morris0:00:000:20:07
23129Womens R2 2-EUBC Whitehead0:00:000:20:09
2416Mens J18 1XIRC Sinclair0:00:000:20:15
2521Womens LtwtOpen 2-StABC ?0:00:000:20:22
2620Womens LtwtOpen 2-AUBC MacKintosh0:00:000:20:30
2726Womens Open 1XGRC Dick0:00:000:20:35
2830Womens ltwt Open 1XCARC Graveling0:00:000:20:37
2932Womens ltwt Open 1XCARC Hinds0:00:000:20:47
3027Womens Open 1XCSRC Law0:00:000:21:00
3144Womens Open 1XABC Insch0:00:000:21:13
3249Womens Nov 1XAUBC Hobson0:00:000:21:14
3312Mens R2 1XCARC Fullarton0:00:000:21:16
3429Womens ltwt Open 1XCARC Gorton0:00:000:21:23
3523Mens Vet 1XCARC Walsh0:00:000:21:28
3645Womens R2 1XSPRC Struthers0:00:000:21:28
3752Womens R2 2-SABC ?0:00:000:21:31
3838Womens R2 2-ABC Ritchie0:00:000:21:44
399Womens Nov VIIIIRC Wallace0:00:000:21:48
4041Womens R2 2-ABC Williamson0:00:000:21:54
4148Womens Nov 1XABC Aitken0:00:000:21:55
4242Womens R2 1XSPRC Dixon0:00:000:21:57
4331Womens ltwt Open 1XCARC Kelly0:00:000:22:06
4440Womens R2 2-ABC Copping0:00:000:22:08
4551Womens Nov 1XABC Bardellotto0:00:000:22:17
4650Womens Nov 1XSPRC Davidson0:00:000:22:32
4754Junior 12 4X+LLRC Campbell0:00:000:24:58
4853Womens Nov IV+StABC ?0:00:000:25:20
4947Mens J15 1XGSRC Carden0:00:000:26:39


PlaceStart NoEventCrewH'capFinal Time
160Mens Vet VIIIGRC Vet D0:01:120:15:15
262Mens Vet VIIISt ABC ? ?Vet0:01:120:15:25
363Mens Vet VIIICARC/SPRC Dunn Vet E0:01:450:16:33
477Mens Open 2XCSRC Murray0:00:000:17:07
564Womens Open VIIIABC/Semple Haley0:00:000:17:18
661Mens Vet VIIIABC Newton Vet C0:00:330:17:21
766Womens Open VIIICARC/GRC Graveling0:00:000:17:25
867Mens Nov VIIIASRA Camilleri-Fyte0:00:000:17:35
971Womens R2 VIIIAUBC Burns0:00:000:17:35
1081Mens Open IXGRC Warnock0:00:000:18:05
11133Mens J18 2-ASRA Vallance0:00:000:18:08
1265Womens Open VIIIGWBC/StABC/IRC McGuire0:00:000:18:15
1389Mens Open ltwt IXLLRC Taylor0:00:000:18:17
1468Mens Nov VIIIIRC ?0:00:000:18:18
1579Mens Open ltwt 2-AUBC Lambert 0:00:000:18:21
1684Mens Open ltwt IXAUBC Hannah0:00:000:18:22
1772Womens R2 VIIIASRA Emslie0:00:000:18:29
1870Mens Nov VIIISt ABC ?0:00:000:18:30
1969Mens Nov VIIIRGUBC Findlay0:00:000:18:31
2075Womens R2 VIIIStABC/EUBC0:00:000:18:33
2174Womens R2 VIIIABC Mumford0:00:000:18:44
2288Mens Open ltwt IXCARC Phillips0:00:000:18:51
2387Mens Open ltwt IXAUBC MacRae0:00:000:18:51
2482Mens Open IXGRC Thompson0:00:000:18:54
25134Mens J18 2-ASRA Wallance0:00:000:19:05
2693Mens R2 2-ABC Stalin0:00:000:19:05
2783Mens Open IXGRC Graveling0:00:000:19:12
2892Mens R2 2-SUBC/Clyde Ferrier0:00:000:19:13
2985Mens Open IXCARC Wade0:00:000:19:16
30104Mens R2 IXSPRC Scott0:00:000:19:20
3190Mens RI IXLLRC Boyling0:00:000:19:25
3295Mens R2 2-SUBC Maclean0:00:000:19:29
3398Mens R2 2XABC Morris0:00:000:19:38
34103Mens R2 IXEUBC Andrews0:00:000:19:51
3580Mens Open ltwt 2-St ABC ?0:00:000:19:52
3686Mens Open ltwt IXAUBC Murray0:00:000:19:56
37116Mens Nov IXABC Thomson0:00:000:20:01
38132Mens Open ltwt IXCARC MacMillan0:00:000:20:02
3994Mens R2 2-SUBC/Clyde Dreghorn0:00:000:20:05
4097Mens Vet 2XIRC Rothwell0:00:100:20:09
41109Mens Vet IXIRC Duff Vet B0:00:110:20:21
4296Mens Vet 2XSPRC O'Brien0:00:100:20:51
43106Mens R2 IXGSRC Graham0:00:000:21:00
44102Mens J18 IXIRC Sinclair0:00:000:21:01
45113Mens Vet IXLLRC Butcher Vet D0:01:210:21:01
46112Mens Vet IXLLRC Yeomans Vet B0:00:110:21:02
4773Womens R2 VIIIRGUBC Derghorn0:00:000:21:05
48105Mens R2 IXEUBC Miller0:00:000:21:23
49137Mens Nov IXSUBC Morris0:00:000:21:36
50115Mens J16 IXCSRC Morris0:00:000:21:37
5199Mens J18 IXLLRC Cassels0:00:000:21:42
52120Womens R2 IXSPRC Struthers0:00:000:22:11
53111Mens Vet IXLLRC Harkins Vet E0:01:590:22:26
54110Mens Vet IXLLRC Arnold Vet B0:00:110:22:33
5476MensJ18 IV XGSRC Keck0:00:000:22:33
56122Womens Nov IXGRC MacMaster0:00:000:23:37

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