A good entry was received for the HAWCO SPRINT 2003 which took place in favourable conditions on Saturday 23rd August on the excellent rowing waters of the Caledonian Canal in Inverness.
Prizes were presented by Mr George Hawco, Director of Event Sponsor Hawco

Full Results List

Winners - Men
R2 EightsInverness (Morton)
R2 Coxed FoursAberdeen BC (Mitchell)
Novice Coxed FoursSt Andrew BC (Mc Morrine)
Veteran Coxed FoursInverness (Baker)
R2 Coxless PairsInverness (Bell)
Veteran Coxless PairsInverness (Bell)
R2 Double ScullsAberdeen BC (Aitken)
Open Single ScullsAberdeen University BC (Murray)
R1 Single ScullsAberdeen University BC (Murray)
R2 Single ScullsAberdeen University BC (Murray)
Novice Single ScullsInverness (Wallace)
Veteran Single ScullsInverness (Morton)
Winers - Women
R1 Coxed FoursInverness/Clydesdale (Towrie)
Veteran Coxed Fours St Andrew BC/Clydesdale/George Watsons (Collier)
Open Coxless PairsSt Andrew BC/Clydesdale (Hulme)
Veteran Coxless PairsInverness/St Andrew BC (Stewart)
R2 Double ScullsSt Andrew BC (Lyall)
Veteran Double ScullsInverness (Towrie)
Veteran Single ScullsSt Andrew BC (Torrie)
Invitation event
Mixed EightsSt Andrew BC

Victorious Inverness Crews
Mens R2 Eights Dave Rothwell, Neil Wallace, Alastair Duff, Ian Hunter, Roy Sinclair, Tom Baker, Brian Bell, Iain Morton (stroke), Alison Mair (cox)
Mens Veteran Coxed Fours Roy Sinclair, Ian Hunter, Brian Bell,Tom Baker (stroke), Alison Mair (cox)
Mens R2 Coxless Pairs Tom Baker, Brian Bell (stroke)
Mens Veteran Coxless Pairs Tom Baker, Brian Bell (stroke)
Mens Novice Single Sculls Neil Wallace
Mens Veteran Single Sculls Iain Morton
Womens R1 Coxed Fours Catherine Morton, Ailie Ord(Clydesdale ARC), Susanne Hunter, Mandy Towrie (stroke), Imogen Walsh (cox)
Womens Veteran Coxless Pairs Hazel Smith, Lesley Stewart (St Andrew BC)
Womens Veteran Double Sculls Suzanne Hunter, Mandy Towrie

Report submitted by - Roy R Sinclair ( Captain-Inverness Rowing Club )